HealthPals provides actionable context to medical data:

Personalized, automated, guideline-driven treatments at the point-of-care to reduce medical errors and mortality

Population insights that optimize medical, quality, and cost considerations

Our solution: CLINT


HealthPals' Implementation at a Stanford clinic

Risk reduction of 33% and revenue increase of 15%



HealthPals was founded by Dr. Rajesh Dash (MD/PhD), a faculty member of Cardiology at Stanford, and Sushant Shankar, an entrepreneur and data scientist. Raj founded the nation’s first preventive heart clinic and research program for South Asians SSATHI.


Dr. Rajesh Dash

Medical Science


Sushant Shankar

Data Science




We need to focus on precision prevention

Tiara Hudyana · Aug 2 · 3 min read
For precision medicine to succeed, a population perspective is needed. The key to disease prevention has a tendency to be overshadowed by the hype of new technologies in genetics and media representation of the promises of precision medicine.... (read more)


Trouble with Hippocrates in the Digital Age of Health Care

Rajesh Dash · Jul 17 · 7 min read
There is a severe lack of visibility into the decisions a physician makes, let alone a mechanism to improve that decision when needed. How can hospitals and health... (read more)

THE GATES' letter & Digital health

Sushant Shankar · Sept 25 · 4 min read
Detecting disease is difficult because we need to solve three problems — getting access to patients, to gather data, and to obtain knowledge tools to interpret the data...(read more)