Executive Team

Dr. Rajesh Dash MD, PhD, co-founder, is an Assistant Professor of Cardiology at Stanford. He founded the nation's first preventive cardiology clinic and research program for South Asians, SSATHI (Stanford South Asian Translational Heart Initiative), where as Medical and Scientific Director he has been able to reduce heart disease risk by 37% in a targeted 6-month program, which has been the inspiration behind HealthPals. Linkedin

Sushant Shankar, MS, co-founder has >10-years of experience as an entrepreneur, software developer, computational biologist, and data scientist. Most recently, he was the founding engineer and Chief Data Scientist at Reflektion, which uses Machine Learning for e-commerce customers (Disney, Converse, etc.). He graduated from Berkeley and Stanford. Linkedin

Donald Fisher

Don Fisher, MS, VP of Operations, has > 20 years of experience as Chief Enteprise Architect and in other Healthcare IT roles with organizations including Stanford, UCSF, and Mayo Clinic. He’s designed, built, and integrated IT systems from large scale AIX based Epic EMRs to open sourced Mac based radiology systems. He graduated from Milwaukee School of Engineering and University of Southern California. Linkedin

See Raj's and Sushant's stories on why specialty medicine needs to be digitized and applied preventively.

Advisors and Board Members

Bob Harrington: Chair of Medicine at Stanford University, member of the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Board of Directors. 

Jayashree Subrahmonia: VP, Development Transformation and Cloud Architecture at IBM, ex-head of IBM Watson Core, ML applied to Healthcare expert.

Charles Marston: President and Chairman at Infinity Financial Technology. CEO and Chairman at Calypso Technology.

Kishore Bopardikar: Engineer at Daisy Systems, CTO and Engineer at Infinity Financial Technology, President and CEO at Calypso Technology.

Nat Natraj: entrepreneur, was on the board of Sushant’s first company in enterprise software.

Talat Sadiqexpert in Strategic Alliances, Partnerships, Sales; Various senior leadership positions, ex-CIO Citicorp.


Eileses Capital

Eileses Capital

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Yogen Dalal

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