Top Performing Atrial Fibrillation Drugs in the US

Whitepaper cover - Top AFib Drugs US

HealthPals’ CLINT engine was used to analyze the ACC PINNACLE® Registry and make a note of the current state of stroke prevention strategies in patients with atrial fibrillation. This white paper covers the existent care gaps in anticoagulant usage, the effect geographical location can have on practice adherence, and insights including:

  • Highlighting the difficulty in following guideline indicated treatments in cardiovascular disease by listing overall care gap percentages for atrial fibrillation, diabetes, cholesterol, and antihypertensive drugs

  • Looking at market performance of the most utilized atrial fibrillation drugs in the US, along with predictions for future performance in light of the recent 2019 AHA/ACC Atrial Fibrillation guideline update

  • Examining a US state-by-state breakdown of atrial fibrillation drug usage and care gap percentage

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